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Why Fall is a Good Time to Find Tree Problems

fall tree problemsFall is a good time to look around your property for potential tree problems which may occur with inclement weather.  Overgrown trees, trees with limbs equal to or larger in diameter than the parent trunk or limb, trees on slopes, and trees close to buildings or other high-use areas, are all examples of trees which should be taken into consideration.  Several species of trees in our area such as Coral Trees or Eucalyptus are especially prone to failure during wind and/or rain events, so keeping them properly pruned in advance of winter conditions is important.

It helps to remember that even a moderate amount of rainfall can add a substantial amount of weight to the tree canopy, and overgrown trees that already have excess loads on their branch attachments can be especially susceptible to failure.  Most of the failures that I see every winter are large tree branches that break away from the trunk during a rain event just after the front has passed, when high winds place additional stress on branch attachments that are already heavy with rain water.

A consultation with an arborist experienced in local tree species and conditions is your best option for determining the need for pruning prior to the onset of winter weather, and this service is provided free of charge if it results in any corrective pruning work.  Trees are an important part of your investment in your home or commercial property, and helping you maintain them in a manner that reduces or eliminates potential tree hazards is one of the key functions of a good arborist.

We hope that you have a great fall season and enjoy all that it has to offer, and please give us a call or send an email if you have any questions about the trees on your property.


Kevin J. Carlson
ISA Certified Arborist

master arboristInternational Society of Arborculture