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Tree Planting in La Jolla Colony

We were recently contracted to perform landscape rehab, annual tree trimming and tree planting for an upscale apartment complex in the La Jolla Colony area of San Diego. We performed trimming on over 100 trees, including Eucalyptus, Morton Bay Fig Trees and Purple-Leaf Plum trees. We also performed palm tree trimming for 34 Queen palms and 13 Washingtonian Palms, AKA Mexican Fan Palms.

Palm Trimming San Diego

Mexican Fan Palm Trimming












Queen Palm Trimming San Diego

Queen Palm Trimming














As part of the landscape rehabilitation, we also planted a 48″ box Triple Queen Palm tree, requiring the use of a crane.

Queen Palm Planting

Triple Queen Palm Planting













We planted Queen Palms along the entrance to the complex.

Queen Palm Planting

Queen Palm Planting













We also planted 2 Purple-Leaf Plum Trees to replace 2 trees that had previously been removed.

Tree Planting San Diego












Tree Planting San Diego












By performing the tree trimming, tree planting and other landscape improvements, we’ve been able to add so much beauty to an already lovely apartment complex.

Please contact us if we can help with any of your tree trimming, tree removal or tree planting needs.