About Us

San Diego, California’s Trusted Arborist

Since 1985, the professionals at Emma Landcare Tree Service have been caring for trees in all of Southern California’s diverse regions. Headquartered in San Diego since 2005, our team of dedicated managers, arborists and supervisors have the training and experience needed to tackle any size or type of tree service project. Our team of seasoned tree care workers and our fleet of modern equipment are among the best in San Diego, and can be counted on to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your tree service needs.

We are passionate about our company and the service that we provide, and we understand thatour growth and success is grounded in our ability to provide exceptional service at reasonable prices. As such, we choose to remain competitively priced in the markets we serve while providing our clients with level of service and professionalism that brings repeat business and referrals year after year.



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