Fall Tree Care Tips

Tree Service San Diego We’re 2 weeks into the fall season which means it is the perfect time to assess and prepare your trees for the coming winter. Granted, San Diego “winters” are mild compared to most of the country. However, increased rainfall, higher winds and cooler temperatures create potentially stressful conditions that may impact the health of your trees or even cause them to become a hazard.

This fall, prepare your trees for the winter months with 4 Fall Tree Care Tips:

  1. Hydration: Hot temperatures and lack of rain in San Diego are a combination that can severely weaken trees and make them more vulnerable to disease and pests. If you’ve failed to consistently water your trees through the summer, be sure to water your trees deeply using a deep soaker hose or drip irrigation system to ensure the water is reaching and quenching your tree’s roots.
  1. Trimming and Pruning: Fall is an ideal time for tree trimming and pruning dead wood from your trees. Weak, dry or dead branches can break and fall in winter’s windy and rainy conditions. By performing tree trimming and pruning now, you can avoid these tree emergency situations. Trimming away these dead branches increases the health of your trees by allowing the tree to more efficiently use the nutrients it is receiving from the soil.
  1. Fertilize: After a hot, dry summer, San Diego trees have often lost important nutrients. To ensure your trees not only survive but thrive through the winter, a slow-release tree fertilizer (tree spiking or guying) should be applied to replace lost nutrients and to feed your trees through the winter. Tree fertilization will also improve your trees’ resistance to damage from disease, insects and other tree problems.
  1. Fall Tree Planting:  Even though springtime is thought of as the season of new growth, early fall is actually the opportune time for tree planting. Because temperatures are cooler than in summer and there is typically more rainfall, newly planted trees are less stressed from high temperatures, drought and sun scorch. This gives newly planted trees the opportunity to build root structure and prepare for the winter months.

Fall tree preparation can help prevent tree problems and potential tree removal, and prepare your trees to grow and bloom for a beautiful spring. If you need help or advice with your fall tree preparation, contact us today for a free tree service estimate.