How To Choose The Right Tree For Planting

Tree Planting San Diego

Trees are a vital part of any landscape, whether a municipal park, apartment complex or your homeís front and back yard. Unfortunately, many of the removal projects we perform are to remove otherwise healthy and beautiful trees which never should have been planted in their current location.

A little research, planning and advice from the experts will help ensure your landscape includes trees that will grow well, remain healthy, provide shade, and add beauty and value to your home.

Always consider these 9 factors when choosing trees for your landscape:

  • Height: When full-grown, will the tree interfere with power lines, the eaves of your roof or other objects?
  • Roots: Some tree species have roots which stay closer to the surface. These roots can pose a hazard and make it difficult to grow grass.† Consider the distance from all structures, foundations and sidewalks, as tree roots can cause extensive and expensive damage.
  • Canopy Spread: How wide will the canopy of the tree grow? Will the tree have adequate space to grow and spread without causing damage to structures? Will the new tree grow too close to existing trees?
  • Shape: Round or V-Shaped tree species provide better shade, while columnar trees require less space.
  • Coniferous or Deciduous: Will this tree lose its leaves as seasons change?
  • Growth Rate: How long will it take for your tree to reach itsí full height?
  • Maintenance Costs: How often will the tree need to be trimmed? Some species, including many palms, will require tree trimming every 1-2 years.
  • Fruit: Aside from edible fruit trees, many trees grow fruit which can drop and make a mess of sidewalks and roofs. Do you want that mess?
  • Environmental Considerations: Different tree species require varying levels of sunlight, moisture and soil conditions.

Do you need advice and guidance in choosing the right tree to plant? Call us today for a Free Tree Planting Consultation!