How To Prevent Tree Problems From Causing Damage

Tree Problems San Diego

Trees are a beautiful and valuable component of any residential or commercial landscape. However, each year trees cause significant damage to property and injury to people. In the most tragic of instances, the failure of damaged or dead trees can result in serious injury or death.  Many of these tragedies are preventable.

The key to preventing tree-related damage lies in early detection of potential tree problems. As a homeowner or property manager, it is vital that you regularly evaluate the health of your trees and/or consult with a professional arborist to perform this service for you.

Tree problems to watch out for:

Dead Trees: For dead trees, it isn’t a matter of “if” they will fall, but “when” they will fall. Dead trees should be removed especially when located near a home, office building or anywhere people are present.

Dead Branches: Even if the tree is alive, dead branches will eventually fall. Falling branches have the potential to dent cars, break windows, damage roofs or cause injury. Look for branches with cavities, cracks or splits, rot, or other signs of decay.

Cavities or Rot: Cavities or signs of rot at the base of the tree may indicate a weak base. A tree with a weak base has the potential to fall and cause damage. A possible candidate for removal.

Mushrooms, Cracks, Splits: Along the base of the trunk or in the canopy, these may indicate a tree with a potential for failure.

Degree of Lean: Is your tree leaning strongly toward one direction? Are the tree roots lifting out of the ground? These trees should be evaluated by a Certified Arborist, especially if leaning toward a house, office building or any area with people present.

These are merely a few of the potential issues to check for as you evaluate your trees. By regularly assessing your trees yourself and having them periodically evaluated by a Certified Arborist, you may be able to avoid costly damage and prevent or reduce tree removal costs.

Remember, early detection of potential tree problems is the key to avoiding serious and costly damage caused by falling limbs and trees.

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