Tree Planting

Tree Planting San Diego

When it comes to selecting and planting trees, an arborist with experience in local tree species is the best place to start.  Most nurserymen and landscapers can recommend trees based on our climate and growing conditions, but an arborist with experience in how local species actually grow and mature in the landscape is the best source of information when it comes to selecting and planting trees for long-term success.

Many of the trees that need to be removed from landscapes in our area every year probably should not have been planted where they are in the first place.  Poor initial tree selection is to blame for many of the removals that we do.  As such, we are keenly aware of which trees will work well in a given space and which trees will not.  Eventual tree size, pruning requirements, proximity to structures and utilities, proximity to wall and flatwork surfaces, etc., are all just some of the considerations that need to be accounted for in the tree selection process.

Whether it’s a single tree or an entire property’s worth, a five-gallon fruit tree or a 120-inch box specimen tree, the experts at Emma Tree Service have the experience and knowledge to select and plant the right trees for your home or commercial property.

Our scope of tree selection and planting services include the following:

  • Practical, experienced tree selection for San Diego County
  • Hand selecting and tagging of specimen trees and palms
  • Installation of new and replacement trees and palms
  • New tree maintenance programs
  • Tree staking or guying

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