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Tree Care Tips for Weathering the Storms

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You’ve been hearing about Southern California’s ongoing drought for years now…the worst drought in California history. Now Californians have been facing a totally different but equally challenging situation. Over the last few months, Southern California has received more rain than it had in the several previous years combined. Heavy rains, flash floods and high winds have overwhelmed trees and landscapes across San Diego County and Southern California, leading to millions of dollars in property damage.

So what can you do to prepare and protect your trees from the unusually wet, windy weather?

  1. Remove dead branches and hazardous trees

The combination of drought-ridden soil and immediate heavy rains can spell disaster. The ground soaks as much water in as possible, but the rest will pool up and possibly flood your landscape. This can cause tree roots to become unstable and lead to fallen trees, especially when paired with the high winds we’ve been experiencing. Your trees should be inspected for broken branches, signs of a weak root structure, or other signs of a potential tree hazard. Weak, twisted, broken or dead branches should be removed before they snap and fall. For dead trees or those at serious risk of falling, you should strongly consider tree removal.

  1. Trim healthy trees

If you’ve lived in San Diego long, you’re very familiar with Santa Ana winds. However, the winds we’ve experienced with the recent storms have been up to 3 times stronger than Santa Ana winds. When a tree has a canopy that is thick and full, the canopy can catch the wind almost like the sail of a sailboat. This “sail” effect can lead to an otherwise healthy tree being blown over. Healthy trees with a nice, full canopy are good candidates for tree trimming and lacing to allow the wind to flow through the canopy instead of catching the air and potentially falling.

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  1. Have your trees inspected

Your trees and landscape have weathered years without regular water, and the effects of heavy rain and high winds are greatly multiplied. As a result, trees become susceptible to disease and infestation when they are weak (just like humans when our immune system is weakened). It is not uncommon to see a seemingly healthy tree die shortly after heavy rains and storms, because the tree was weakened from the drought and then further weakened by the storms.

Your trees should be inspected by an arborist for signs of broken branches, infestation, disease or other hazards. If a tree is found to be a hazard, it is a perfect candidate for tree removal.

  1. Prepare a list of emergency numbers

When we’re talking about tons of wood possibly falling onto your house, car or landscape, being prepared can make all the difference. Your list of emergency contacts should include your neighbors, electrician, plumber, insurance companies, and of course a 24/7 Emergency Tree Service. You can contact us day or night to report a tree-related emergency and get the expert help you need to assess the damage and provide the necessary services to help you move forward.


Do your trees need to be inspected, trimmed or removed? Please contact us today for a free tree service consultation and estimate.

Tree Planting in La Jolla Colony

We were recently contracted to perform landscape rehab, annual tree trimming and tree planting for an upscale apartment complex in the La Jolla Colony area of San Diego. We performed trimming on over 100 trees, including Eucalyptus, Morton Bay Fig Trees and Purple-Leaf Plum trees. We also performed palm tree trimming for 34 Queen palms and 13 Washingtonian Palms, AKA Mexican Fan Palms.

Palm Trimming San Diego

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Queen Palm Trimming San Diego

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As part of the landscape rehabilitation, we also planted a 48″ box Triple Queen Palm tree, requiring the use of a crane.

Queen Palm Planting

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We planted Queen Palms along the entrance to the complex.

Queen Palm Planting

Queen Palm Planting













We also planted 2 Purple-Leaf Plum Trees to replace 2 trees that had previously been removed.

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Tree Planting San Diego












By performing the tree trimming, tree planting and other landscape improvements, we’ve been able to add so much beauty to an already lovely apartment complex.

Please contact us if we can help with any of your tree trimming, tree removal or tree planting needs.

San Diego Tree Removal – Before and After

Emma Tree Service was recently contracted to perform tree removal services for a 68 unit apartment complex in the City Heights area of San Diego. The apartment complex is having solar panels installed in order to conserve energy and help save its’ residents money.

To clear room and prevent shadows from being cast on the solar panels , we performed 9 Queen Palm tree removals and 2 Italian Cypress tree removals.  We also performed tree trimming on several other Queen Palm and Jacaranda trees. We also conducted stump grinding for all of the removed trees.

The roofs are now clear and the complex can begin to enjoy the benefit of solar energy.

Check out the Before and After:


Palm Tree Removal San Diego













Palm Tree Removal San Diego













Palm Tree Removal San Diego





















Palm Tree Removal San Diego





















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Please contact us for your free tree removal or tree trimming proposal!


How Important is Tree Pruning?

Tree Pruning San DiegoJust like you, trees and plants require proper maintenance in order to grow and continue to thrive. For many trees, proper pruning plays a vital role in maintaining their health, safety and continual growth. Pruning is beneficial in many ways. Primarily, pruning can help keep the people and property around your trees safe. Dead or weak tree branches have the potential to fall at any time, threatening injury to people, damage to structures or vehicles and damaged power lines. Pruning removes these limbs before they have a chance to fall.

Depending on the size of the tree, its’ location and the structure of the tree, pruning can be dangerous. Larger trees should always be pruned by a licensed and insured tree service company, like Emma Tree Service.

Pruning a tree can influence its growth and structure. When properly pruned, a tree can be “trained” to grow into a specific shape or configuration that is structurally sound. This “training” can improve the tree’s overall shape and mitigate the risk of falling branches or broken limbs. Pruning can also prevent improper weight distribution which can leave a tree unbalanced and lead to a fall.

The ideal time to prune is late fall or winter when trees enter their dormant season. This is typically not as imperative in a year-round, temperate climate zone such as San Diego. Even so, during a dormant season, the tree is less likely to suffer harm from the pruning. Trees, like any other creature, are susceptible to stress. When a tree is dormant, less sap is lost and the risk of infection or pests is reduced. Certain species of tree require more specific timing and different pruning techniques and approach.

With tree pruning, less is more. Pruning too much from a tree can result in damage from undue stress or an unbalanced canopy. If pruned too heavily, you risk fatally damaging the tree. A licensed and experienced tree service company can advise you on how much a tree should be pruned, when it should be pruned and how best to shape or “train” a tree.  They can also ensure the tree is pruned safely and in a way that promotes healthy growth for years to come.

Are you in need of tree pruning? Call us today for a free tree pruning consultation and estimate.


Will El Nino Rains Make My Trees Unsafe?

San Diego Tree ServiceIn a record-breaking 4 year long drought, the first signs of El Nino rainfall were welcomed with gratitude by most San Diego residents. While we certainly need the rain, many San Diego residents were recently reminded of the potential risks and hazards brought about by much higher than average rainfall.

When heavy, consistent rains pound the ground, especially after years of drying and hardening in drought conditions, the soil can quickly become saturated and unstable. Unstable soil around your trees’ trunks and roots can cause an unsafe platform for your trees. Mild or moderate winds blowing against a wet, heavy leaf canopy can cause trees in stressful or weakened state to fail and come crashing down.  Even trees that appear healthy can become unstable if their roots are unstable soil.

As with most hazardous situations, there is rarely a single factor that leads to a tree falling. There are typically several factors contributing to the unsafe situation. Before the rains increase, take a few moments to inspect your trees for the following signs of weakness, stress and potential for falling:

  • Heavy, overgrown canopy
  • Tree leaning sharply in one direction
  • Unbalanced branches – the tree seems heavier on one side
  • Damaged or restricted roots
  • Exposed or lifting roots
  • Cavities in the trunk

Ordinarily, one of these issues is not enough to cause an otherwise healthy tree to fail. However, several of these factors combined create the recipe for a hazardous situation and potentially dangerous outcome requiring emergency tree services.

If you observe one or more of the above-mentioned factors in your trees, contact Emma Tree Service for a free tree service consultation. Taking simple steps now may help prevent very serious damage in the coming rainy months.

How To Handle Broken Tree Limbs

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With El Nino already impacting San Diego weather, rain showers, storms and high winds increase the risk of broken tree limbs. Whether a loud crash wakes you during a stormy night or you simply see the aftermath, a broken or fallen tree limb is a problem you can’t ignore (especially if it’s in your driveway, on top of your car or worse…on top of your neighbor’s car).

When you encounter a broken tree limb on your property, follow these tips to minimize damage, preserve the health and beauty of your tree and keep you and your loved ones safe:

Survey the damage from afar. DO NOT go near the tree until you’ve ensured there are no fallen power lines in the area. Also, DO NOT walk under the tree unless you are sure there are no other broken limbs that may potentially fall. A hanging tree limb may seem small when viewed from the ground, but even a modest size branch falling 15-20’ can cause serious bodily harm.

If the tree and limbs are smaller and the damage is minimal, you may be able to remove the branches yourself, however use caution. If a small branch has broken, trim the branch back to the point where it joins the larger branch. This will reduce the risk of decay, pests or disease. This can be done with a handsaw or small chainsaw.

If a large or potentially dangerous limb is broken and hanging, call a professional tree service company immediately. It can be extremely dangerous to attempt to remove large or precarious branches on your own. Larger broken branches will likely need to be trimmed back to the trunk. Professional tree service companies are equipped, trained and experienced in safely removing broken tree limbs in a way that minimizes risk and preserves the health of the tree.

Once all safety and health risks have been mitigated, you may be concerned about the aesthetics of your tree. While your tree may look a bit bare at first with missing branches, the tree will grow and the canopy will fill back in as it has time to heal. Otherwise healthy trees have amazing ability to heal and recover after suffering broken limbs.

When heavy rains and high winds hit this winter and your trees suffer broken limbs, call us for a Free Consultation and Estimate. Our team of professional tree care workers are trained, experienced and equipped to handle all your tree care needs.


How To Apply Mulch To Your Trees

Tree Service san diegoFall is an ideal time to add mulch to your landscape and trees. Mulching around your trees and garden provides several important advantages in keeping your trees healthy and thriving, even with the drought conditions in San Diego.

Mulch, when properly applied around your trees, will naturally retain moisture. This allows the tree to slowly absorb this moisture over the following weeks. Mulch also reduces weeds around your trees and improves the overall soil structure.


Choosing Your Mulch

Mulch can be found at any big box home and garden store or a local nursery. It’s important to select an appropriate type of mulch to install around your various trees. There are dozens of types of mulch available, however they generally come in two categories – organic and inorganic. Organic and inorganic mulches each have advantages and disadvantages that should be considered.

Organic mulch is made up of once living components such as wood chips, leaves, compost or pine needles. Organic mulch may offer key nutritional benefits for your trees, though typically doesn’t last as long as inorganic. When choosing organic mulch, it is best to select a mulch that originated in your general geographic area. This will ensure the acidity in the mulch most closely matches that of your soil, trees and garden beds. These nutrients will be more beneficial as they break down and are absorbed into the soil.

Inorganic mulch consists of components such as rubber, pebbles, rocks, lava rock, recycled materials and other non-living elements. Inorganic mulch is typically longer lasting, and more able to withstand downpours and floods without being washed away.

How To Apply Mulch Around Your Trees

Before applying your chosen mulch, you’ll need to clear the base of the tree, remove weeds, rocks, other plants and other debris. The tree will reap the most benefit if the mulch is installed directly on top of the soil.

With the base clear, simply spread your mulch around the base of the tree. Depending on the mulch, it may be beneficial to pack down the mulch with your hands to stabilize the area.

Ensure the mulch is applied around the entire base of the tree, expanding out at least 8-12” from the tree.

Leave 2-3” of separation between the trunk of the tree and the mulch.

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Note: Applying too much mulch can actually have negative effects on your trees’ health. A heaping, volcano-like pile of mulch can slowly deprive your tree of key nutrients and result in stunted growth and other issues. A thin layer of mulch, no deeper than 3”, is all this is required.

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Emma Tree Service offers trimming, tree planting, shrub trimming, tree removal and stump grinding as well as tree health evaluations.

Contact us If we can help with any of your tree care needs.



Fall Tree Care Tips

Tree Service San Diego We’re 2 weeks into the fall season which means it is the perfect time to assess and prepare your trees for the coming winter. Granted, San Diego “winters” are mild compared to most of the country. However, increased rainfall, higher winds and cooler temperatures create potentially stressful conditions that may impact the health of your trees or even cause them to become a hazard.

This fall, prepare your trees for the winter months with 4 Fall Tree Care Tips:

  1. Hydration: Hot temperatures and lack of rain in San Diego are a combination that can severely weaken trees and make them more vulnerable to disease and pests. If you’ve failed to consistently water your trees through the summer, be sure to water your trees deeply using a deep soaker hose or drip irrigation system to ensure the water is reaching and quenching your tree’s roots.
  1. Trimming and Pruning: Fall is an ideal time for tree trimming and pruning dead wood from your trees. Weak, dry or dead branches can break and fall in winter’s windy and rainy conditions. By performing tree trimming and pruning now, you can avoid these tree emergency situations. Trimming away these dead branches increases the health of your trees by allowing the tree to more efficiently use the nutrients it is receiving from the soil.
  1. Fertilize: After a hot, dry summer, San Diego trees have often lost important nutrients. To ensure your trees not only survive but thrive through the winter, a slow-release tree fertilizer (tree spiking or guying) should be applied to replace lost nutrients and to feed your trees through the winter. Tree fertilization will also improve your trees’ resistance to damage from disease, insects and other tree problems.
  1. Fall Tree Planting:  Even though springtime is thought of as the season of new growth, early fall is actually the opportune time for tree planting. Because temperatures are cooler than in summer and there is typically more rainfall, newly planted trees are less stressed from high temperatures, drought and sun scorch. This gives newly planted trees the opportunity to build root structure and prepare for the winter months.

Fall tree preparation can help prevent tree problems and potential tree removal, and prepare your trees to grow and bloom for a beautiful spring. If you need help or advice with your fall tree preparation, contact us today for a free tree service estimate.