Tree Trimming & Pruning

tree trimming pruning San Diego

Trees are a vital part of any outdoor space, and keeping them well-pruned is a big part of ensuring their long-lasting value and contribution to your property’s environment.  Tree health, beauty and lifespan are aspects that are all substantially increased with a proper pruning regimen.  Managing the pruning of trees in a landscape setting requires skill and experience, and a thorough understanding of the pruning requirements of each individual species.

tree trimmingThe professional arborists and tree workers at Emma Tree Service all have years of experience working in the San Diego region, and are experts on the pruning of all of our local tree species.  Homeowners, property managers, homeowner associations and commercial/multi-family property owners in the San Diego region have relied on our tree pruning expertise for over a decade, and our list of happy clients continues to grow.

When you choose Emma Tree Service, a Certified Arborist will present you with a detailed tree pruning estimate that includes exactly what type of pruning will be performed on each tree species.  We are always happy to provide detailed information on species-specific pruning practices with our estimate.

Our comprehensive scope of tree trimming and pruning services includes:

  • Providing clearance from structures, overhead utilities, walls and fences
  • Providing vertical clearance for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Removing dead, diseased, crossing or broken tree branches
  • Selectively thinning the tree canopy to lessen wind resistance and increase light penetration (which results in a more robust tree structure and better tree health)
  • Training young trees for structure and form
  • Cleaning, skirting and/or skinning palm trees
  • Selective tree pruning to reduce tree size where needed or desired
  • Selective pruning to improve views where desired
  • Selective pruning to improve condition of competing tree species
  • Fruit tree and ornamental pruning

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